Sick of struggling with spreadsheets?

Your business doesn't have to run like a clunky 1940's antique...

Hi, I'm John Robinson.

I help small and medium sized businesses automate their backend using Airtable & Zapier.

I can help you with Airtable Database Design, Zapier & Integromat Automations, Team Training, and more.


If you're looking to skyrocket your business with Airtable and Zapier, here's how I can help...

If you're currently using spreadsheets or some other software...

I'll help you migrate your business to Airtable and set it up right "the first time".

I only use tried and tested industry standards, so you can rest peacefully knowing there won't be any headache-inducing rework.

If your business needs glitch-free automation to make everything run smoother...

We'll cut out all the money-leaks and time-sucks by setting up Zapier automations for all of the manual tasks in your business.

This will wipe out hundreds of hours in redundant & managerial tasks, helping you turn your business into a scalable (and sellable) machine.

If your business requires high-level performance metrics at the click of a button...

We'll explore the Airtable Blocks and "automation formulas" that'll let you track your project progress like a hawk.

This will help you get your products or services out with lightning-speed, leaving your customers coming back for more.

If your team is struggling to adapt to Airtable...

We'll train your team members to become Airtable Wizards, even if they're total beginners.

We'll hold your hand through the process, so within just a couple weeks, you'll feel as if you've been using your new Airtable Database for years.

And if you're looking to really take things to "Automation Utopia", ask me about these integrations...

Ready to turn your Model T business into a Ferrari-level machine?

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Am I the right person to solve your Airtable problems?

I know you have a billion options out there to choose from, and it can be hard to separate the noise from the I'll cut to the chase.

Here's why you might want to work with me...

The businesses that I've built have put hundreds of thousands of dollars in my pocket 💵

Unlike most automation "experts", I actually have skin in the game.

Over the past 5 years, I've tested and refined the systems within my own businesses to a point where a "passive income" guru might actually be jealous.

My businesses have given me the freedom to travel and live remotely in over 30 different countries in the past 5 years, but that's a story for a different day...

I only use tried and tested industry standards 📋

I know how important it is for you to have a glitch-free product running the backend of your business.

Nobody has time to fix broken work.

That's why I use proven industry standards that I learned from my 2 years as a Business Analyst in a Fortune 100 company, where I learned how to set up business processes, run hundreds of different data testing scenarios, and migrate huge business systems from one software to another.

I understand business from your perspective 🔍

Because I've run my own businesses since 2015 (longer if you count trade work), I know from first-hand experience how unpredictable entrepreneurship can be.

You need your database built with a flexible framework that'll allow you and your team to adapt at a moment's notice, and you want your database to have "room to grow" when you start to scale.

I actually use and test all the latest software, so I'm always up to-date

I'm up-to-date with all of the latest software in the market, because I'm actually using and testing it in my own business. It doesn't matter whether it's e-mail marketing (Mailchimp, Convertkit), CRMs (Pipedrive, Hubspot), funnels (Klaviyo, Clickfunnels, etc), I'm probably familiar with it.

Working with me is like a having a cheat-code for your business 🔐

I've spent thousands of hours studying everything from dusty old project management books to "dry as dirt" database design textbooks.

Working with me will allow you to skip right past all that trial-and-error and get straight to what works.

So if your business isn't making as much money as you'd like, here's how I can help...

  • I'll help you turn your business into a well-oiled machine that doesn't feel like it'll fall apart if you step away for a day.

  • I'll help you cut out redundant, time-sucking tasks that keep you away from taking those family vacations every summer.

  • I'll help your team work faster...but between you and me...working with me might actually make your team smaller, saving you thousands of dollars on payroll every month.

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If you're still on the fence, let's get to the technicals.

Here's my exact 4-Step Proven Process for Getting Airtable to Skyrocket Your Business...

1️⃣ DESIGN: Planning & Designing Your Database  

This is where we map out a plan and start to get the structure in place.

If we were building a house, think of this step as drafting a design, as well as pouring the cement foundation and planting the wooden beams that'll help hold it up.

This part is the most important, because we're going to be building the rest of the house on this structure.

In Tech-Speak:

We'll break down your current business processes, daily workflow, and map out all of the data that moves in and out of your business.

2️⃣ BUILD: Building Your Database  

Next, we'll use that structure to make things work smoothly (and look good) in your day-to-day life.

Think of this step as building everything on the house that turns it into a home, whether that's painting the walls, tiling the floors, and getting all your appliances installed.

This is the part that you have to live with everyday, so it has to be intuitive and usable.

In Tech-Speak:

We'll use the information that we discovered in the previous step to structure your new database, and we'll make it user-friendly by implementing the necessary Airtable Blocks, Views, and formulas.

3️⃣ AUTOMATE: Zapier Integrations & Automations  

Finally, we'll start linking your new Airtable Database with all the other software that you use.

This step is kind of like setting up the telephone poles that get electricity to your house and the pipes that get you water.

We want our house (aka your Airtable database) to operate seamlessly with the outside world.

In Tech-Speak:

We'll setup Zapier or Integromat automations to replace all of the manual tasks and data entry that are sucking away your time and energy.

4️⃣ SUPPORT: 14 Day Ongoing Support  

All of our Custom Base Builds come with 14 days of support upon completion of the project.  

This is kind of like getting the house up and running and having the plumber, electrician, construction company, electricity company, and water company all giving you a free month of support without charging you an extra dime.

In Tech-Speak:

If there are any glitches or issues in your new Airtable database, Zapier automations, or integrations, we'll tweak it free of charge until we get it right.

Ready to have your business running smoother than ever?

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We'll chat about your project requirements, specific needs, and see if we're a right fit for eachother.  

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